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Putting People First

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in community, fellowship, personal | 2 comments

Putting People First

Often, on this blog, I write about the importance of understand the church as people – not the organization or structure or leadership, but people. Since the church is people, we should focus on people, putting people ahead of any of our plans or programs or anything else.

Last week, some friends of ours modeled this for us.

Dave and Bonnie had planned to take our daughter Miranda and another young lady to the zoo. As I told Dave, I was so appreciative that they wanted to spend time with these teenagers. It makes so much difference in someone’s life (especially a young person’s life) when they have close relationships with many mature followers of Christ.

In the days leading up to the trip to the zoo, our family started passing around some type of virus. My son, Jeremy, and my wife, Margaret, got sick. Then, on the morning of the zoo trip, Miranda got sick. (So far, I haven’t gotten sick yet.) (UPDATE: Yep. You guessed it. I got the virus a couple of days ago after a wrote this  post.)

We called Dave and Bonnie that morning and told them that Miranda was sick and would not be able to go to the zoo with them.

We were very surprised when they called back a few minutes later. They had called Miranda’s friend, and they had all decided to postpone the zoo trip until Miranda felt better. Now, they plan to go to the zoo next week.

Remember, Dave and Bonnie and Miranda’s friend had already planned to go to the zoo. Everything was ready, and they still could have gone. But, they decided that Miranda was more important than their planned trip to the zoo.

So, they changed their plans for Miranda. They put people first.

It’s not always easy to put people first. Often, we put alot of time, energy, and perhaps money into making plans and into organizing projects and programs. But, for the church, people must always come first.

We must be willing to set aside any of our plans or organization or projects or programs if we determine that we need to serve people in a different way.


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  1. 10-26-2010

    This was a very simple illustration that packs such a powerful truth. I have been thinking on this a lot lately and this is encouraging to me. Thanks 🙂

  2. 10-26-2010


    It starts with the little, simple things, doesn’t it?