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Maine Worship

Posted by on Oct 16, 2010 in blog links, worship | Comments Off on Maine Worship

Maine Worship

This week, Dan at “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine” has posted an excellent series on the topic of worship. My own adventure in the studying the church began with a study of worship for a seminary class. I didn’t find what I was expecting.

Here are the posts in Dan’s series:

Define Worship

Worship and Life

Worship and Faith

Worship: What it is

Worship and Gathering

Of course, the last post in the series is very important to me because of my interest in the church meetings. However, it builds on the earlier posts in which Dan says that all of life should be lived as worship to God.

What do you think of Dan’s series?

(By the way, if you want to do an interesting experiment, search for the word “worship” in Google Images… or just click here to see the results.)