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Day of Discovery

Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in blog links, discipleship | 4 comments

Day of Discovery

In honor of Columbus Day, Dave Black has listed a few “discoveries” that he’s made concerning evangelism (Monday, October 11, 2010 at 11:02 a.m.):

The particular method of evangelism doesn’t matter that much. Anything is better than the “no” method approach.

I need to ask God to burden my heart for people. It doesn’t happen naturally.

To influence the masses, you must reach individuals.

Persuasive people live sacrificial lives.

There are millions of lost sheep out there. I’m sent to find them. Not all of them, but some of them.

Every human soul is vulnerable to prayer.

A happily married person is a walking miracle.

Anticipate difficulty. Daily.

There is no favoritism with God. None!

I need to avoid professional weaker brothers and sisters in Christ. I will never conform to their lists, so why try?

Repeated demonstrations of concern and love build openings for the Gospel.

Don’t watch the clock. It may take years for someone to come to Christ.

If you have a conscience on some matter follow it, but don’t presume that your conviction is mandatory for everyone else.

Remain a citizen of heaven, but become a naturalized citizen of the world in order to reach it for Christ.

Travel light, as the Lord commanded. It is easy to carry too much excess baggage.

Can you bake a cake? Somebody might find Christ through just such a gesture.

Evangelism begins at home but can’t end there.

I love these, because they’re challenging. Just reading through the list, I was encouraged by some and admonsihed by others.

How about you? What do you think of this list?


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  1. 10-12-2010

    In usual fashion, I’m going to completely miss the over-arching point and purpose of this post and fixate on what has to be my new favorite quote:

    I need to avoid professional weaker brothers and sisters in Christ. I will never conform to their lists, so why try?

  2. 10-12-2010

    It is good for us younger men to hear from the elder. Thank you for sharing Dave.

  3. 10-12-2010

    thanks for that.

    “Repeated demonstrations of concern and love build openings for the Gospel.”

    was the one that spoke to me. I get that. I see that lacking everywhere. I see demonstrations of love & concern (once a week) by most big fellowships…. but not repeated… and perhaps not even real.

    but about a month ago – God sent us to start gathering at a park with some new friends that were less fortunate. I realized that lots of big churches in our area are doing ‘great’ and ‘big’ things to reach big amounts of people — but more than anything (just like what is happening in The Church with people who are not homeless/less fortunate) — the individual and connection during the week on an individual basis is missing.

    I really feel God is calling out who will go? I am looking for people to do small, not glamorous, not huge, not showy ‘things’ for ‘small’ amounts of people. So few are like Isaiah though — so few are saying, “Here am I. Send me”

    It’s hard to answer those calls — the flesh (devil?) fights me every time with… this is meaningless. This isn’t making a difference. This isn’t the best use of time/money….but as my blog says — more than anything I continue to learn that in all areas it IS about the small seeds. The greatest hindrance to greatness in the christian walk — is our desire to be great.

    So I’m praying God will help me take those small steps and not to let what I can’t do or what I want to do different… get in the way of what I CAN do.

    It’s about having the faith to believe that God can do great things out of small consistent seeds.

    Thanks for letting me share 🙂

  4. 10-13-2010


    I like that one too.


    Yes. He usually has very good things to say. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted to do my PhD work under him.


    Thank you so much for sharing!



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