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Church Sells Building to Help More People

Posted by on Oct 3, 2010 in service | 8 comments

Church Sells Building to Help More People

Rolling Hills Baptist Church had decided to sell the land and building that they’ve owned for more than 20 years. You can read about the story here on the web site of an Atlanta area TV station: “Does A Church Need a Building To Be A Church?” (Here’s a link to a story about the church in the AJC.)

Why did they decide to sell their land and building? Well, this is what the article (and news report) said:

The church has a new mission. Instead of investing in the property that consumed most of their budget, they will use the more than $1-million dollars from the sale to invest in people who have needs. “It’s just a way of looking at this property differently,” Pastor Mercer said. “We saw it as an asset we could liquidate and turn around and use that resource to meet the needs of people.”

By the way, according to the article, about 100 people meet with this church, and they plan to rent a facility to meet in for about a third of the cost of the building. So, they will continue to have more money to help people.

I wonder how many churches would consider their property to be assets that can be liquidated in order to help others. And, how many would consider their property to be necessary to their own existence.


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  1. 10-3-2010

    Wow! They didn’t do it because they were having problems paying their own bills–they did it to pay the bills of others. Thanks for posting this Alan. I’m encouraged!

  2. 10-3-2010

    Fantastic news and great faith! If I lived there I’d go to that church! I read somewhere, that if all the churches’ buildings were sold and the money given to the poor…poverty would be irradicated. These people are making a start.

  3. 10-3-2010


    I hope that what they are doing is infectious!

  4. 10-3-2010

    What a great story, think I will lift it for my own nefarious uses (with credit to you of course)

  5. 10-4-2010

    Just when I thought there wasn’t much good news out of western Christianity. Thank you for sharing this, Alan. It’s nice to see light shining in some places.

  6. 10-5-2010

    WOW! I needed a copy of this article when my pastor/elder said to me “If we all started meeting in homes or smaller groups on Sunday, then what would we do with the building?”

  7. 8-31-2011

    @Bobby PLEASE tell me you’re making that up!!!

  8. 8-27-2012

    Says a lot about the character of this local body of believers, and they’re Baptist. . . . Hmmmm.


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