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But not MY traditions

Posted by on Oct 5, 2010 in blog links | 8 comments

But not MY traditions

Bobby at “Deconstructing Neverland” has written a post called “Replaced by Pointers” that all of us need to read and think about.

He begins the post by talking about the traditional teachings of a certain denomination. But, he shifts the focus to help us think about our own traditions. He says:

When it comes to questioning traditions we find it very easy to challenge other peoples traditions and consider them foolish, even heretical. We never stop to think about the similarities between what we believe and what “they” believe and how we can be the same yet divided. Sure there are lots of differences and that is why we find it so easy to point them out. We are supposed to be defenders of the truth, right? But maybe there is more to it than that. What if our defence of our traditions is an exercise in futility as we defend and cling to what have become meaningless and maybe even harmful practices.

Think about another denomination or two. Can you easily point out meaningless and possibly harmful traditions in those denominations? Certainly. We all can.

But, did you know that “those” people can point out meaningless and possibly harmful traditions in your own practices and beliefs? Did you know that “those” people cling to their traditions for the same reason that you cling to yours?

Perhaps it would help if we listen to one another… learn from one another… and seek to focus on what unites us – Jesus Christ.


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  1. 10-5-2010

    Thanks for the link Alan. It was quite a conviction for me as I thought about the discord and even hatred and strife that I allowed to enter in as I contended against those with differing views.

  2. 10-5-2010

    Deconstructing Neverland, now thats a sweet blog title.

  3. 10-5-2010

    Hutch-My bride came up with it. She’s so clever.

  4. 10-5-2010

    Always easy to point fingers at groups. A little harder to point them at the people we know and love.. even if we think them to be deceived.

  5. 10-5-2010


    I agree with Hutch. That’s a great title… and a great post!


    I agree. (I think I said that already.)

    Kansas Bob,

    It is easier. I think its much more important to examine ourselves though.


  6. 10-5-2010

    Listen to one another – definitely. But unfortunately some of the people that we could really profit from listening to will never comment to us directly. Perhaps – with God’s help – we could try to put ourselves in their place and imagine what their criticism of our “sacred cows” could be. I personally love to have my “meaningless and possibly harmful traditions” pointed out, at least after I get over the pain.

  7. 10-6-2010


    I’ve been far too occupied pointing at those traditions I left unchallenged, and allowed to distort my own understanding of ecclesiology, not that I didn’t make one-eyed judgments of the traditions of others.

  8. 10-6-2010


    It is much, much easier to listen to people who agree with us. But, I’m beginning to think that it might be much, much more beneficial to listen to people who disagree with us.

    Aussie John,

    I know what you mean. I’ve always been willing to question some traditions, but never other traditions.