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A Friend is Waiting

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A Friend is Waiting

My friend Jason at “Second and Content” is planning to move to South Africa next spring. He hopes to stay there for a year working with orphans. Recently, he wrote a post called “Sitting, Waiting, Listening (Genesis 39-45 Redux).”

In the post, Jason talks about (very honestly and openly) how worried he’s been about everything working out for him to go to South Africa. He also talks about how the church has helped him with this issue. He says:

Hearing this conversation go on between Gary, Alan, and Rodney was like little Mark came out of nowhere and slapped me in the face and said, PAY ATTENTION! I was so consumed with thoughts I couldn’t bring myself to formulate coherent sentences for the discussion. I had had a discussion with Alan the week before because I was geting a little anxious waiting on God to do something and trying to discern to what degree do I work towards this goal without me messing it up. I’ll admit, I was pretty distraught, that happens to me occasionally, I get so worked up about something that thats the only thing I can think about, and I worry. Working through this Joseph discussion, I was once again refocused back on the goal: go to Africa. God showed me that, no matter whether I tried to make it happen, it would not happen if He didn’t make it happen. Just go on about life, don’t complain or question, just work towards the goal and it will work out the way that God has planned. I’ll keep preparing until God stops me. While at the same time, sitting, waiting patiently for the time to go, and listening for that word to stop or continue going.

Jason writes more, so you should read his post. But its great to see how God is using several of us to encourage Jason during this time of planning and waiting.