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2500th Post

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in personal | 7 comments

2500th Post

This is my 2500th post. That’s right, I’ve written and published 2500 posts, beginning with the first post on March 21, 2006.

So, what am I going to say in my 2500th post?


(I mean, seriously, I’ve written 2499 other posts. Read one of them.)

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting.


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  1. 10-22-2010

    I heard a preacher on Sunday, a very popular preacher of a very large congregation, mention Jesus’ first miracle where the pastor then incorporated a snide comment about Baptists. How should that be interpreted? Because, I feel as though many walked away with comfortable feelings about mocking another person, more so another brother, more so an entire congregation (divided). Chat is up on the old chatbox…and I contacted this minister through facebook, but have received no answer to my question; “What were the implications of the comment?”
    I received a secretary’s response, but no answer. Figures.

  2. 10-22-2010

    I once went to a service in a church, some years ago. The preacher stood up to preach and began by asking the question ‘How many can remember what I spoke on last time I came?’. No-one could. So he responded by saying there was no point in him preaching then. He walked out and went home. A prophetic statement? Bit like your post. It will be remembered by saying nothing….

  3. 10-22-2010


    That’s a good question. I hope he answers you. I can tell you that sometimes my sarcasm is misunderstood, so maybe he just didn’t communicate very well.


    I could probably do that when I’m scheduled to teach, but I don’t think many elders/pastors could get away with it. 🙂


  4. 10-22-2010

    Alan, may I link to your post?

  5. 10-22-2010

    Thanks for the laugh, Alan. What a great way to celebrate the post, by saying nothing. Classic!

  6. 10-22-2010


    Yes… but why?


    I think I’ve written more in the comments than in the post now.


  7. 10-22-2010

    Well, if you’re not going to say anything, then neither am I.