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Technical Difficulties

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in personal | 5 comments

Technical Difficulties

I’m sure that most of my regular readers noticed that I’ve been having problems with the home page of my blog lately. Sometimes, the home page would only display a few posts, and sometimes it wouldn’t display any at all. The secondary pages and single posts pages were not affected.

After much searching and frustration, I discovered that the problem was caused by a plugin that I used to display “Related Posts” at the bottom of each post. Once I disabled that plugin, the problem was solved.

Then, of course, I had to find another plugin to display “Related Posts.” Well, I’ve found one, and I’m going to try it out for a while.

Thanks for hanging around in spite of the technical difficulties.


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  1. 9-1-2010

    What’s the name of the related posts plugin you are using?

  2. 9-2-2010


    I’m now using a plugin called “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.”


  3. 9-2-2010

    I’m glad you fixed that, it was not awesome!

  4. 9-2-2010

    I noticed the problem, and thought it was my computer. I bypassed it by clicking on “view online” on your recent rss feed and I got to the site bypassing the entry page. Glad to know you got it worked out.

  5. 9-2-2010

    I think today is the first time I’ve seen the whole right column. Pretty sure whenever I visited your blog I’d just see the posts and comments on the left, but just alot of white space on the right (I use Firefox). Glad you got whatever fixed, not sure if that was keeping me from seeing all those side blocks. Or maybe my memory is all wrong. Looks good.