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Talking with Muslims

Posted by on Sep 10, 2010 in blog links, missional, service | 12 comments

Talking with Muslims

Once again, Dave Black has spelled out what should be common sense (or at least spiritual sense) for any Christian. He lists some thoughts about talking with Muslims from his experience (Friday, September 10, 2010 at 7:41 a.m.):

protect their dignity
affirm their value as persons
let your actions speak as loud as your words
become a friend
recognize that some will reject you
look for opportunities to serve them
allow them to serve you
ask questions
be slow to speak
become aware of religious barriers
introduce them to your family
refuse to argue
be sensitive to signs of receptivity
plead with God for their salvation
love, love, love

This seems to be a good way of speaking with and treating anyone… even Muslims.


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  1. 9-10-2010

    …and shouldn’t this be the way we share our faith with anyone regardless of their religion?

  2. 9-10-2010

    Jon Hutton’s ( wife here… Just thought I’d pass on my mom’s blog address in case anyone is interested, as she offers MUCH insight and help on how to be friends with muslims and show them Jesus’ love.

  3. 9-10-2010


    Yep. I think so.


    So, you finally kicked Jon off the computer? Thanks for the link!


  4. 9-10-2010

    LOL 🙂

  5. 9-10-2010


    What a breath of fresh air!

  6. 9-10-2010

    This is great, especially the love, love, love. The pastor in Florida that’s wanting to burn the Koran doesn’t appear to follow these Christian characteristics.

  7. 9-11-2010

    If using scripture, don’t use a marked Bible, don’t write in the Bible, don’t highlight the Bible. That is considered supremely disrespectful. It shows, that either you don’t believe it is God’s word, or that you don’t care.

  8. 9-11-2010

    Stephen, Can you please provide some scripture concerning this statement. I use a Cambridge wide margin KJV just for this purpose.

  9. 9-11-2010

    I consider all of these suggestions important in any interpersonal relationship, regardless of faith; when we put self aside, we can allow Jesus to love thru us.

  10. 9-12-2010

    Larry, how would I have scripture for this statement? There were no Muslims in the Bible, nor were there copies of Bibles in the hands of believers. It is just an observation from a cultural standpoint. To a Muslim, writing in a holy book is disrespectful. If we share with a Muslim from our Bible while writing and highlighting in it, we hurt our chances of being heard.

    By the way, how do you think they feel about the Koran burning that “the Americans” did yesterday?

  11. 9-12-2010

    Larry, I see now. My original post assumed everyone knew we were in the context of talking with Muslims. I wasn’t saying that highlighting or writing in your Bible was generally bad. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  12. 9-12-2010

    Stephen, No problem my brother. I did think this was your general observation. Sorry for my swiftness to respond. I have had many opportunities to share the Word and discuss the scripture with Muslims and this discussion has never risen.

    I do believe that it will take a quickening of ones heart for anyone of any faith to accept Christ and not by our actions.