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Stirring the Pot

Posted by on Sep 2, 2010 in blog links, edification, gathering | 2 comments

Stirring the Pot

Speaking of participation (we were, weren’t we?), I forgot to mention a great post by Dan (at “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine“) called “Stirring Up.” (Dan’s comment reminded me.)

In this post, Dan is asking about the purpose of gathering together. Is our purpose just to get together? Or is there something more. He writes:

So more importantly than the question of whether we gather or not we need to ask “are we considering one another, stirring up love and good works?” So, are we? Am I? That should be the question we ask ourselves. That should be our goal in gathering together. We can’t do this without gathering, but gathering doesn’t mean that this is happening either. maybe we should think about this when we go to church on Sunday, and assess our activities during that time through the lens of Scripture.

Hmmm… are we? Am I? Good questions.

(By the way, “stirring” can also be translated “provoking”… but not toward bad things, but toward love and good works, of course.)


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  1. 9-2-2010

    Thanks for the link Alan! I wasn’t really trying to shamelessly plug my blog on here even though my views do spike when you link to me! Thanks.


  2. 9-2-2010


    Like I said, I had already “starred” your post. Your comment simply reminded me that I want to post a link to it. I hope more and more people (my readers and others) start reading your posts.