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September 11 and the Kingdom of Heaven

Posted by on Sep 11, 2010 in blog links, discipleship | 1 comment

September 11 and the Kingdom of Heaven

Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” has written an excellent article called “Thinking About September 11th.” His article is a great reminder about the citizenship and loyalties of those who follow Jesus. We are but pilgrims living in the nations of this planet – foreigners, even. He says:

If we think about September 11th primarily as Americans, then we are thinking mainly patriotically and politically. What we probably remember most from that terrible day is Muslim extremists high jacking multiple airplanes, flying them into buildings, and killing thousands of people. Our emotional response is likely still one of anger. Our desire may still be what it was nine years ago: payback.

If we think about September 11th primarily as citizens of heaven, then our thinking should be much different. It ought to be theological instead of political. Our focus should be from God’s perspective instead of from the American perspective. In thinking this way, what did we see that day? We saw a great deal of sin and death.

And, as Eric says, this should lead us to remember and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ! Yes! We should always live as citizens of the kingdom of Heaven, whatever might happen among the kingdoms of this world.

Thanks, Eric!

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  1. 9-12-2010

    From a kingdom perspective, the people that attacked our country on 9-11 were simply deceived. It took me a long time to get past my anger and desire for revenge. Once God got me past those feelings, He opened my eyes to the fact that He loved those men too. That His heart mourned the actions of these misguided men. It created in me a burden to reach the people that have been misled into the false hope of Islam.

    It also strikes me as strange that men who are deceived are more zealous for their beliefs than most of us who know the Truth.