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Participation and Worship

Posted by on Sep 4, 2010 in blog links, edification, gathering, worship | 2 comments

Participation and Worship

Since my post from earlier this morning was about worship, I thought that I would continue to topic by pointing out another (very good) post on the subject.

Mark (from “Called Out in Kansas“) recently attended a 2-day conference about worship. After returning, he wrote a few posts, including one called “After the Worship Conference.” He this post Mark also comments on my post “The Purpose of Participation” as well as Dan’s post “Stirring Up.”

In this last paragraph, especially, Mark adds alot of thought and insight to this discussion:

So, here’s the situation. I’ve been a vocal proponent of participatory style meetings, and very critical of traditional church models. I still believe that the New Testament model is participatory, and that a single pastorate system is unbiblical, and harmful to the maturity of the body. But, as pointed out by Alan and Dan in the above posts, just attending participatory meetings doesn’t guarantee that the end result will be any different than in the system we just left. My concern for this movement, if you want to call it that, is that we will recreate a system, and never achieve the maturity of the body described in Ephesians 4. Like Alan said, the goal is to become like Christ, or to literally become His body and bride, fully matured. Will meeting in a circle instead of in rows with a pulpit bring that about? Unfortunately, in and of itself, no. The question I now pose, after reading these posts, is what do we do IN these meetings that brings maturity? Certainly Hebrews 10:24-25 gives some insight, stating that we are to consider one another to stir up love and good works, which I interpret to mean we are to esteem others higher than ourselves, and care more for their needs than for our own. But I am not sure that this even gives the whole picture.

So, is it important to understand why we meet together? Why or why not? (I hope so… that’s what my PhD research and dissertation is all about.)


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  1. 9-4-2010


    I have had further thought on this issue, since your comment on my post, as well as a comment by Arthur Sido. What I have come to understand is that, when believers strive purposefully to express community, there will be a lot of dying to self. The example of Christ is an example of ultimate service, and considering others above ourselves. The more we practice this with one another, the more we die to our flesh, and the more we mature. We can’t NOT mature when we are endeavoring to serve each other more and more, day by day. I am sure there is a little over-simplification here, but this is my latest thought. I’m curious what you think.

  2. 9-5-2010


    If it’s not important to understand WHY we meet together, then meeting together wouldn’t be much more important.