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Monday-Saturday Church

Posted by on Sep 29, 2010 in blog links, church life, community, fellowship, gathering | 4 comments

Monday-Saturday Church

Everybody knows about church on Sunday. But what about Monday-Saturday?

Josh at “Called to Rebuild” has written an excellent article called “Church Life: More than a Meeting.” Josh says:

A person may go to a meeting once a week, and it might be the best meeting this world has ever seen-full of life, love, and warm-hearted fellowship. But if that meeting alone represents the full extent of their participation in the local Body of Christ than they are still missing out on the majority of real church life. I’ve experienced the difference myself, and there really is no comparison. The writer to the Hebrews didn’t instruct the believers there to exhort one another “daily” for no reason, you know. Daily fellowship is not just a privilege but a necessity if we ever hope to go on unto the fullness of Christ.

Yep. Just last night I was talking with some new friends. I told them that if they wanted to understand who were are as a church, they would need to hang out with us during the week. For example, tonight we plan to help some friends pack their truck as they prepare to move to Georgia. Church life!

This reminds me of something I read a few years ago (perhaps from Jonathan?): If there is no life outside the meeting, there will be no life in the meeting. (Or something like that.)


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  1. 9-29-2010

    The biblical path seems to frequently turn things upside down.

    Rather than setting a single day aside for fellowship, you are more likely to need to set a single day aside for yourselves to be together as a couple and to recharge. Especially since everyone works 20, 30, 40 (or more occasionally) hours a week, earning for their own needs and to have to give to others.

    Serving one another as family–no matter how much joy this brings (and it does!)–can be exhausting. Note how often our Lord pulled away and found time alone.

  2. 9-29-2010


    “If there is no life outside the meeting, there will be no life in the meeting.” From whomever that statement comes, it is profound and so very true!

  3. 9-29-2010

    We had Saturday church last Saturday. Some of us went over to the house of a single mom in our church and did a couple hours of yard work. It was a good time of worship.

  4. 9-30-2010

    It sounds like something I would say but I’m just not remembering specifically which post.