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Have We Met Before?

Posted by on Sep 16, 2010 in personal | 1 comment

Have We Met Before?

In my previous post (“Getting to Know You“), I asked my readers to introduce themselves. (So, if you haven’t done that, please jump over to that post and introduce yourself.)

Some of my newer readers may be interested in meeting some “older” (veteran?) readers. I originally asked my readers to introduce themselves about three years ago in a post called “Please allow me to introduce myself.” Also, in March 2009, I again asked readers to “Introduce Yourself.”

There are quite a few characters who stop by my blog from time to time. (You know who you are.) I’ve learned so much from everyone who has commented and interacted here.

So, if you want to meet some other readers, you can check out those posts.

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  1. 9-17-2010

    thanks for posting those old links – enjoyed seeing the introductions from a year ago compared to today 🙂


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