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Go to Crowd

Posted by on Sep 15, 2010 in definition | 2 comments

Go to Crowd

Title sounds strange, huh? Try out these others:

Where do you go to crowd?

It’s time for students.

What did you do in coworkers today?

Let’s go to family.

Go to actors.

This phrases sound strange, because you expect a place or event, but the words all refer to groups of people. But, people often use the same phrases with the term “church”:

Where do you go to church?

It’s time for church.

What did you do in church today?

Let’s go to church.

Go to church.

So, why do this phrases sound okay while the first list sounds strange? Because, while we give it lip service, we don’t actually think of “church” as referring to a group of people. We still think of “church” as referring to an event or a place or an organization.

And, this carries over when we read Scripture. We read the word “church” and think about a place or an event or a time or an organization, but not a group of people.

Yes, we say that we know that “church” refers to people, but we continue to use the word to refer to places and events and times.


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  1. 9-15-2010

    -“forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”
    -“Let us not give up meeting together”
    -“not staying away from our meetings”

    -Where do you folks get together? When?
    -Wanna come over?
    -You guys busy?
    -Hey, Sean and Sue are coming over tonight, you wanna join us? Can you see if Vito and Joe want to stop by, too?
    -We get together every Thursday night for a meal and spend the evening together.

  2. 9-16-2010


    Vito and Joe? Is this a mafia meeting?!?