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Count others more significant than yourselves

Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in community, discipleship, elders, fellowship, office | 5 comments

Count others more significant than yourselves

At the beginning of Philippians chapter 2, Paul lays out a very convicting list that should define the life of believers. One of those characteristics is this: “Count others more significant than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3) Another is this: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:4).

Paul then tells us that in order to think like this, we should think the same way that Jesus Christ thought (Philippians 2:5-11).

Have you ever thought about what this should look like in the lives of Christian leaders, elders, pastors, bishops, etc? Do these commands apply to leaders in the church? How?


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  1. 9-23-2010

    Hi Alan,
    I was going to share this article with my FB friends, but I had an internal server error when I used the icon for FB on this page.

    Also, I usually get all your blogs posted on my FB page, but it wasn’t on there or over on your fb site.

  2. 9-23-2010

    Just heard on tv that it is FB that is down. Sorry to worry you Alan.

  3. 9-23-2010

    These principles apply to every human being. I should love and respect people not because they deserve it, but simply because God loves them. That’s it. If someone is valuable to God that person should be valuable to me. I need for instance to count my 6 year old son, my wife, my plumber and my neighbor more significant than myself. Function doesn’t determine value.
    I don’t appreciate honoring some more than others. Jesus warned his disciples not allow people to call them pastor/rabbi/father etc. Why? He said they should think about themselves as BROTHERS. Why is this significant? The moment I’m honored as your pastor, you are by implication lower or lesser than me. In the modern-day church people are paying to stay spectators. We have been indirectly taught that we are not good enough to minister. In this way the body of Christ has been hugely disempowered by our westernized corporation-like leadership mindset. Christ is simply too magnificent to be expressed by one or two people (the CEO’s or pastors) in a congregation. Christ will only be fully known in the church when truth is expressed from CHRIST through the WHOLE body to the WHOLE body. Honoring some more than others is not only a sin according to James but it also frustrates God’s grand plan with His kingdom of priests.
    These biblical principals are hugely challenging but also hugely exciting. Imagine a church where all are brothers, where all are ministers, where all are priests. Imagine a body that is FULLY functional. I can give my life’s energy for God’s eternal plan.

    Thanks Alan for throwing these questions out there.

  4. 9-23-2010

    Alan, we haven been kindred minds this month LOL!! I just published someting along these lines a little while ago. Ultimately if your leadership is leading you to lead others down the path Christ took then well… is your leadership “biblical”?

  5. 9-24-2010


    I’m glad you got it to work. Yes, Facebook has some big problems yesterday.


    Nice explanation. Thanks!


    I have access to your blog, so I’ve been stealing your ideas.