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Campfire Fellowship

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in blog links, community, fellowship | 2 comments

Campfire Fellowship

Jon at “Jon’s Journey” wrote a great post last week called “Fellowship.” After defining fellowship/communion, Jon wrote:

This summer I’ve enjoyed some great fellowship around campfires, on friends decks, around dinner tables, and in living rooms. I’ve had some brief fellowship on Sunday mornings before and after the service. But I think the campfires were the best though.

I like Jon’s statement. First, he doesn’t discount the fellowship that he has with other before and after “church services.” But,  he recognizes that he can also have fellowship (and at times, deeper fellowship) at other times.

By the way, I like campfire fellowship too. I also like coffee shop fellowship, and fellowship in homes and parks. In fact, the way our meeting is set up, we have great fellowship when we meet together as the church.

Where do you like to fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ?


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  1. 9-10-2010

    At the pub… is that ok?

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