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Stump Chopping Church

Posted by on Aug 12, 2010 in edification, gathering, guest blogger, service | 3 comments

Stump Chopping Church

Some friends of ours are beginning to meet together with the specific intention of serving their neighbors, co-workers, and friends. He recently sent me a description of their meeting. It may not sound like a typical church meeting… but, that’s a good thing, I think. This is what he said:

Sunday we met with the S.’s and one other family in their home and studied scripture, sang with a guitar, and prayed together.  It was good to sit around and talk about all the people we know who we can serve and then move forward right then to contact some of them.  This is something we are going to try to do a few times a month as we look to see what the future has for us, while hopefully bringing in a few other families as well.

I ask my friend to explain what he meant by “talk about all the people we know who we can serve and then move forward right then to contact some of them.” This is what he described:

We talked about who we know that needs help and we came up with a person J. works with that is going through some financial hardships (her husband is a Muslim who is opposed to the gospel but she is a professing believer).  We called her and she had received help that same day already from her mom with groceries.  We found out her windshield has a huge crack that needs to be fixed so we are going to see how to get funds together for that.  J. also knows a 97 year old lady in town who she has taken food to and who doesn’t have family around.  We tried to call her but wasn’t able to get a hold of her at the time.  (This lady is amazing, even though she is old she lives alone and does yard work for her house and a few rental houses she owns).  I called a lady from Africa that works in the cleaning department (she lives alone and doesn’t have a car or family close by).  We have had her up to our house before, so I called her and setup a time to have her up to our house and to take her grocery shopping (she loves to fix food from Africa).  Lastly, a friend of ours who A. and I meet with weekly for breakfast and encouragement has some stumps in his back yard that he wanted to grind but he lost his job recently and is starting nursing school in September so his funds are limited.  Instead of renting a stump grinder, A. and I are going to attempt to go over there while they are out of town and chop up some stumps with a couple of axes (they aren’t huge trees and we figure it may be good exercise).  As you can see, J. is our person of peace, which makes it easy to come up with people with needs because she naturally meets them or people gravitate towards her.

I love the way they met together! What? Do I love the Scripture they studied or the songs that they sung? Well, probably, but I don’t know what that was.

What I like is that when they gathered together, they thought about and discussed how they can serve others. And, instead of just talking about it, they started doing it right then! Yes!

Sounds to me like considering one another to stir up love and good works… (Hebrews 10:24-25)


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  1. 8-12-2010

    very cool!

  2. 8-12-2010

    LOVE THIS! I need to share this with the church we meet with…. we could do this too. :o)

  3. 8-19-2010

    Thank you for the post. Actions like this from others helps me see beyond the theory and study behind the Bible.

    I can see scripture actually being used to guide the lives of people. That is what I have been missing in my life. I have always been a student of the Bible, wanting to know more, but only academically.

    It is a whole new world when you actually start getting to know God through His word instead of getting to know about God through His word.

    Thank you.