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More Ethiopia Posts

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More Ethiopia Posts

If you’re not tired of reading about Ethiopia missions yet (and if you are, then just skip this post), here are a few other posts about Ethiopia:

Danny writes about the trip that we took together in these posts:

We’re Back! From Ethiopia

The Church that meets at Alaba Prison

missions is life


My First Assignment: Preaching in the House church in Zobechami

Exabehair Yokal

Addis guest house

Also, two weeks before Danny and I traveled to Ethiopia, a group of more than twenty traveled with Dave and BeckLynn Black to Burji, in the far south of Ethiopia. Here are some of their reports:

Jon with “Removing the log from my eye

Kevin with “Back from the End of the Earth

Ben with “Lesson #1: Wonder Working Weakness” and “Lesson #2: Sacrifices Worth Seeing” (perhaps he’ll post more?)