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Looking for Ekklesia in Southern Maine

Posted by on Jul 12, 2010 in blog links, community | 2 comments

Looking for Ekklesia in Southern Maine

Dan, a good friend of mine, lives in Southern Maine – the greater Portland, Maine area. He and his wife are looking for a more relational (organic) expression of the church and for other believers who are interested in relating to one another outside of traditional church structures.

Dan recently started a blog called ‘The Ekklesia in Southern Maine.” He hopes this blog will help him work through his understanding of the church (“ekklesia”) and to connect with other believers in Southern Maine.

Jump over to Dan’s blog and offer some encouragement to him. Plus, if you know someone living in the Portland, Maine area, send them to Dan’s blog too.

(By the way, Dan’s wife Stephanie blogs at “Dead and Domestic.”)


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  1. 7-12-2010

    Thanks for the link Alan! I am very excited about what God has been teaching both me and my wife about the church and I really think that we will see the blessings of true fellowship and community as we become more proactive in being the church in Southern Maine.

  2. 7-12-2010


    Last week, when you left a comment about finding community, I wrote a short post on that topic. I don’t have many answers, but I’m hoping that some of my readers who have been in a similar situation can encourage you and Stephanie.