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John the Baptist’s Disciples and Wineskins

Posted by on Jul 29, 2010 in blog links | 4 comments

John the Baptist’s Disciples and Wineskins

Bill at “NT/History Blog” has written a very interesting article called “The Original ‘Old Wineskin’.” He says that John the Baptist’s disciples were on the “cutting edge” of what God was doing. But, when Jesus came on the seen, they stuck with what John the Baptist was teaching – the old movement – the old wineskin.

You should read Bill’s post; it is very good.

Thinking about Bill’s post makes me wonder if we start to love the movement more than the mover. I think this could be true of any “movement,” include the house/organic church movement, the age-integrated church movement, the multiple elder movement, the participatory church meeting movement… yep, even movements that I think can bring some correction to the church. We can end up loving these movements instead of the mover. Then, when God moves, we stick with our movement…

What do  you think?


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  1. 7-29-2010

    I like that Bill Heroman. He’s usually onto something.

  2. 7-30-2010


    I think if ever there is a bible literacy movement, we will gain the proper perspective. Then the “movements” will mean little. I don’t expect to see this in my lifetime, but I will pray anyway. My 2 cents.

  3. 7-30-2010

    Willy Joe,

    I’m not so sure about that “Bill Heroman” guy… But, I do hear that he’s working on a series about movements. That should be a good read!


    You mean a movement in which people actually read what the Bible says and not what everyone else says about the Bible? But, then, what will we do with all of those “study Bibles”?


  4. 7-30-2010


    Exactly! Read the text, take the time to study the text, and then apply it to your life. Simple in principle but it requires an investment of time, so it likely will not come to pass.

    Study Bibles? Recycle perhaps?