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Carpentry and Discipleship

Posted by on Jul 5, 2010 in blog links, discipleship | Comments Off on Carpentry and Discipleship

Carpentry and Discipleship

My friend Danny from “learning…” has written about “Teaching/Discipling Jesus’ Way.” His thoughts are similar to my thoughts in my post this morning… probably because we talk about this very often. In fact, I’ve learned alot about discipleship by listening to Danny talk about learning carpentry from his father.

In his post, Danny talks a little about carpentry:

Why is it that this concept of teaching is so clear in some categories like carpentry or music but becomes a blur in categories like raising children or disciplining younger believers? For  instance, a carpenter will tell his apprentice what a hammer is and what its use is. He will also use it in front of his apprentice. Eventually the apprentice will have an opportunity to use the hammer for himself. The carpenter will affirm his abilities and correct any improper use. Over time with practice the apprentice will become very proficient at the art of hammer swinging. He must then begin to teach another would be carpenter. This is quite common in the carpentry industry. The boss tells “joe carpenter” to train the new guy.

Read Danny’s post, and think about discipleship… How do we apprentice people to Jesus Christ?