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Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Posted by on Jul 11, 2010 in personal | Comments Off on Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Last Friday evening, seventeen of us drove down from the Youngsville / Wake Forest area to the Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant in Raleigh. Danny (from “learning…“) and I wanted our friends to get a taste of the food that we would be eating during our two weeks in Ethiopia.

The food was excellent! We ordered in groups of 2 to 5, so our food was served together. We had different types of wats (stews) – chicken, beef, and lamb – and other forms of beef and lamb dishes. Everything decided the lamb was the best, and the doro wat (chicken stew) was the spiciest. The food is eaten by tearing off a piece of spongy flat bread called injera, and using the bread to scoop up some food. If you haven’t eaten Ethiopian food before, you should definitely try it.

If you’re interested, I have posted more pics on facebook, and Danny has posted some pics in his post “Ethiopia Food and Fellowship.”