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Our Latest Church Tradition

Posted by on Jun 12, 2010 in church life, community, fellowship | 3 comments

Our Latest Church Tradition

Tomorrow, we’re taking part in our latest church tradition: going to the beach together. We’ve been to the beach together four or five times (I think). We go to Wrightsville Beach, NC and hang out under one of the piers.

Since Margaret is still recovering from her surgery, she won’t be going to the beach. I’m fighting a head cold, but hopefully I’ll be able to take Jeremy and Miranda.

If you’re in the area, or just want to take a trip to the beach, join us for sun and surf, volleyball, food, and alot of good conversation. We may even take a trip to my favorite restaurant, Sticky Fingers, on the way home.


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  1. 6-12-2010

    Last summer my family went to the beach on vacation in San Diego. There was a church service on the beach under a tent just yards away from the water. Who says you can’t wear a Speedo to church?

  2. 6-12-2010

    Oh no… starting a new tradition… I can see the future now. 2 generations from now there will be some in your group who feel it is necessary to take part in the yearly pilgrimage… and those that can’t or don’t care to go will become second class members or cast away.

    There will be someone who wants to try something new, but they’ll be told this is how we do church… this is the way we’ve always done it…


    (jokes aside… if you’re going to start a tradition, that sounds like a great one… have a great time!)

  3. 6-14-2010


    I say that *I* can’t wear a speedo when meeting with the church, and I think that the church is thankful for my self control.


    Our “traditions” tend to center around spending time with people… eating together… camping… beach trips. I like those kinds of traditions.