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Margaret is scheduled for surgery in one week

Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in personal | 8 comments

A couple of weeks ago, Margaret (my wife) was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. The doctors do not think that it’s malignant. However, because of the size (10 cm) they want to remove it.

So, she is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, June 8. The doctors believe that they can remove it laparoscopically as out-patient surgery, which will result in a much speedier recovery.

She is doing well so far. She has some back pain, and she doesn’t have much energy. Otherwise, though, this isn’t affecting her much right now.

We would appreciate your prayers for this. Thank you.


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  1. 6-1-2010

    You got it!

  2. 6-1-2010

    sure will.

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    Our prayers are with you as a family!

  6. 6-1-2010

    Our Father knows all things….and He is faithful to His character. What a Rock we stand upon! Love yall & praying that you will know His wonderful mercies no matter what He has arranged for the future.

  7. 6-1-2010

    She will be lifted up to the Master Physician….

  8. 6-2-2010

    For sure Alan. I will definitely be praying.