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Does Jesus still send us out “Luke 10″ style?

Posted by on Jun 28, 2010 in blog links, community, discipleship, gathering | Comments Off

Does Jesus still send us out “Luke 10″ style?

I recently wrote about getting together with some of my brothers in Christ… no, not last Sunday (“Gathering with the Church“), but last Friday (“Missionary Me and Missionary You“). I didn’t give many details about our discussion, but I was hoping that a couple of guys who were there would write about it.

And, now, Danny (who was there) who blogs at “learning…” wrote about our get together Friday night in a post called “Guy Day #2 (Missions/Church Planting).”

It was a very encouraging time, mainly because it was interesting to see several people talking about the same issue from their own perspective. It was obvious that many of us have been thinking about this.

So, read Danny’s post, and let him know what you think.