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Change? Who? Me?

Posted by on Jun 2, 2010 in blog links | 3 comments

Change? Who? Me?

My friend Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” continues to write thought provoking posts. His latest, “Ready to Change at Any Time,” is no exception. He says:

I agree with Jeff [about being ready to change at any time]. I just don’t know if I put this into practice. It is somewhat scary and challenging to commit to changing what we believe any time the bible says to do so. This is challenging because the bible has a way of making frontal assaults on our comfortable traditions. Think for just a minute of a tradition you hold dear. Would you be willing to immediately jettison that tradition if you find that it conflicts with scripture?

Most of us fall into the trap of thinking that we have the Christian life all figured out. We can go on a sort of “Christian autopilot” for days if we are not careful. This can happen if we are not consistently reading scripture. However, if we read the bible regularly, it will have a way of knocking our traditions down to the ground.

The life of following Jesus Christ is a life of change. Read through the pages of Scripture, and you’ll quickly see that Jesus would change people’s addresses, their ways of thinking about God, the way their interacted with others, their way of thinking about themselves.

It doesn’t matter how educated we are or how long we’ve been following Jesus or how successful we have been serving or discipling others or proclaiming the gospel or leading people or teaching Scripture… something (ok… more than one something) about our beliefs and way of life is wrong and needs to change.

Are we willing to change?


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  1. 6-2-2010


    Thanks for the link.

    As evangelicals, we tend to get so worried about those who challenge what we believe that we go to the extreme of convincing ourselves that we should be certain about everything. It seems pretty arrogant to me.

  2. 6-2-2010

    i try to remember to let the word change people. the word tends to offend – but its the offence that scores the points. I keep in mind that I am to LEAD and not TRANSPORT

  3. 6-2-2010


    I have been following Eric’s walk for some time now, and I have to chuckle to myself as I recognize myself in his quest for answers, especially to questions regarding The Way We Always Did It, which MUST be asked by observant, sincere disciples of Christ.

    By the way: Did you know that a SERVANT is always obSERVANT?

    Yourself and Eric are a sheer delight to this old feller!