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A Balanced Meal

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in community, definition, discipleship | 7 comments

A Balanced Meal

According to dietitians and nutritionists, a balanced meal consists of a mix of meats, vegetables, fruit, grains, and dairy. They may disagree on the exact mix that makes up a balanced meal, but they generally agree that a person should consume something for all of the different groups. Now, we know that vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they replace the proteins in others ways.

Naturally, a person may eat more of one group at one meal, and more of another food group at another meal. That would be okay, as long as the total is generally balanced.

If a person does not eat from each of the food groups, then the person will not receive all of the nutrients necessary for healthy living.

For example, if a person decided to only eat grains, that person would miss some of the nutrients needed for growth and health. The same if the person only ate meat or vegetables. A mix is important.

Then, there are the foods that have zero (or even negative) nutritional value. When these foods or drinks are consumed, they do not help the person’s growth or health, even though the act of consuming may be similar and even though the calories in the food may make the person feel that he or she is getting something.

I think the church today is alot like people who are eating an imbalanced diet and are often filling themselves with foods that have zero nutritional value. In fact, I think it is all of our responsibility to recognize what a brother or sister is “eating” (consuming) and to suggest a more balanced meal.

In fact, according to Scripture, it is only when the entire church serves their own food group to one another that the church partakes of a balanced meal. This is when the church grows and is healthy (edified).

However, today, it seems that people are not as interested in the nutritional items mentioned in Scripture, and prefer activities and items not mentioned in Scripture that probably have zero nutritional value.

What do you think? Is the modern church partaking in a unbalanced meal?


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  1. 6-29-2010

    I like your comment: “In fact, according to Scripture, it is only when the entire church serves their own food group to one another that the church partakes of a balanced meal. This is when the church grows and is healthy (edified).”

    So true! Thanks!

  2. 6-29-2010

    Carrots? Can I have some more cake, please?

  3. 6-29-2010


    Thanks again for posting the link on facebook.


    Exactly. Almost everyone in the church is eating cake.


  4. 6-29-2010

    When we develop a taste for the coffee bar and dessert table, we actually lose our taste for healthy food. And we crave all that sugar and caffeine. We get used to the quick fix energy surge. And we soon feel like that is normal and healthy.

    Then when we try to eat balanced, for a time we actually feel lethargic. Our junk food cravings increase. And we may actually feel really sick as our bodies de-tox. It’s hard to keep with it, and easy to go back. Which means that we’ve developed an addiction, just like drugs or alcohol, without realizing it.

    Good analogy, Alan.

  5. 6-29-2010

    Amen brother! It is a joy to watch/experience Jesus body functioning in a healthy way…….here and now!!! I think my blog will bless you as well:

  6. 6-29-2010


    Yes, I agree. When you’re in the habit of eating junk food, the truly good food seems bad.


    Thanks for the link to your blog.


  7. 6-30-2010

    Defiantly agree that there is a lot of candy out there. The meat & the brussel sprouts are defiantly not on the menu. If they are set on the table they are pushed to the side, maybe thats why we have a lot of fat & unhealthy Christians with rotting teeth. But hey the fairy floss & candy sells at the circus & makes a lot of money. Even the Organic Farms are starting to dish out genetically modified vegetables that they charge a high price for but the long term affects will only be seen in the future when we see the results in deformed children. Facebook & the internet can probably be represented as the fastfood store. We need to get back to a balanced diet of fibre (Bread of Life) & Clean Water (His Living Water of the Spirit) & start listening to Jesus the Master chef who shows us what food to eat to be free from disease.

    Blessings Manny

    Ps an occasional detox program wouldnt hurt either (fast)