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What should the church talk about?

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in discipleship | 7 comments

Earlier, I was thinking all the discussion that are taking place among Christians all over the world. You can read about them in books or on blogs or in journals or in magazines. There are many, many different topics.

But, thinking about all of these discussions, I began to wonder… What should the church talk about?

Should we discuss and argue about our differences? Certainly, it’s important to seek understanding together, but should this be the focus of our conversations with one another?

Should we share methods and plans and organizations and programs? Some of these have been very effective from time and time and from place to place. But, should these be the focus of our conversations?

What should we discuss?


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  1. 5-27-2010

    I think that whenever we gather as believers that we bless one another by edifying, encouraging, and provoking one another to love.

    All conversation should center around the Him, Jesus Christ our Lord, the giver of life.

    Certainly there are times to get to know one another when we gather, but I believe if we focus getting to know Jesus, everything else will fall into place. Differences become petty and not important when we see Him.

  2. 5-27-2010

    I think there should be more discussions on God consciousness of the shape of the county. We get caught up in the day to day eating, drinking and buying,

    The church, of course, takes votes on non-spiritual things such as the physically feeding. Then there is the votes to start building programs. And they will have yard sales at the church.

    Does all this sound familiar? Lk 17:27-29.

    And then think about Luke 10:40 But Martha was cumbered about much serving.

    Today’s church is cumbered about with serving everything but the Lord.

    Just a thought….

  3. 5-27-2010

    OHHH I’ve missed your blog!! I’ve been busy having a baby. I look forward to getting back into my reading routine and catching up on all I’ve missed here! Let me know if you all are planning another beach trip down my way this summer. Hope you are doing great, thanks as always for the sharing here – can’t wait to dig in the past months I’ve missed…

  4. 5-28-2010


    Welcome back! We’re going to Wrightsville beach on Sunday, June 13. Contact me if you want more info.


  5. 5-31-2010

    dang! we’re headed up your way on that weekend to introduce my baby girl to family. next time! enjoy 🙂

  6. 6-24-2010

    I beleive the CHURCH (u and Me) must talk about GRACE… I mean RADICAL GRACE… Thats the message of Hope, Truth and Love… Keep up the Good work team…God bless you..

  7. 12-6-2012

    I think the church should talk about the issues that come up when we assemble, but within the guidance provided for believers (loving one another, encouraging one another, admonishing one another, speaking truth and Scripture to one another…etc). I agree the focus is Christ, but the issues we self-generate or that otherwise confront us often provide the opportunity. This doesn’t exclude planning to study through Scripture with each other.


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