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Teaching them… what?

Posted by on Apr 20, 2010 in discipleship, missional | 3 comments

So… consider these two phrases:

  1. … teaching them what I commanded you…
  2. … teaching them to do what I commanded you…

Which one reflects a portion of the Great Commission?

What is the difference between the two phrases?

What does this say about teaching?


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  1. 4-20-2010

    I think “teaching them what I commanded you” implies an academic head knowledge about Christ’s commandments and would create religious scholars, but “teaching them to do what I commanded you” is about teaching not only and understanding of the commandments, but also obedience which makes disciples.

    In this command “to make disciples” Christ is also commanding the multiplication of disciples because one of the commands that the disciples are to teach others is to “make disciples”.

  2. 4-20-2010

    One of the things we try to hammer home with people is that it is NOT how much you know of the Bible, but how much you OBEY of what you know of the Bible.

    Who is the true follower of Christ (disciple), the one who knows 200 things about what Christ said and practices/obeys 10%; or the one who knows 10 things and practices/obeys nine of the things he knows?

  3. 4-20-2010

    My bible translation says, “teaching them to observe all that I commanded you,” which I think fits in with number 2 better, observation meaning to obey as well as know. It says about teaching that unless there is application of that teaching, it is meaningless.


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