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Living life as foreigners

Posted by on Apr 29, 2010 in blog links, community, fellowship, gathering | Comments Off on Living life as foreigners

Art, from “Church Task Force,” once again left a comment that I think needs to be shared. He wrote this in response to my post “Church in a coffee shop“:

Deb and I lived on Okinawa for 3 1/2 years, living in a small village for most of that time. Different languages, customs, dress, food, values, etc. We were always “gaijin”–foreigners, outsiders, no matter how much we made friends, no matter how well we fit in. It was not our true home, it wasn’t where we belonged if you will.

If/when another American came by, even if they weren’t from Altruria Street in South Buffalo, it was like finding an old family friend–someone you had an instant connection and familial feeling for, and they for you.

That connection, that feeling of kinship, that desire to encourage and help one another, that feeling of finding someone from “home”–that is something like how we might act/see ourselves/feel when we meet with other believers, anytime, anywhere.

In that framework, we would want to know what has brought us here, what God is doing in and through us, how we might help each other, what are our struggles–all without being divisively interested in determining first what precise flavor of Christian we are.

What do you think about Art’s description?