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Jesus is not risen

Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in discipleship | 8 comments

I know what you’re thinking. Either Alan has lost his mind, or this is an April Fools Day joke. Well, I don’t think I’ve lost my mind, and this is not an April Fools Day joke.

Instead, as I’ve been thinking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, thinking how God might want to use me to encourage and teach the church, I’ve also been thinking about my own life.

Imagine for a moment that the person you cared for most in your life (maybe your spouse, or parent, or child) died. That person was dead dead… completely dead and buried. A couple of days later, that person rises from the dead. Note, this was not the result of medical intervention. The physicians gave up days ago. The mortician had already done his work. And, this dead person came back to life. What would be your response?

That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. How would I respond?

I think I would respond to this “real” resurrection differently than the way that I respond to Jesus’ resurrection. Obviously, my response does not indicate that Jesus is not risen. But, my response (or lack thereof) does indicate what I really think about Jesus’ resurrection.

To be honest, I live most of my life as if Jesus was not risen. Oh, I “know” he’s risen. And I profess that he’s risen. And I believe that he’s risen. But, for the most part, when does his resurrection actually intersect my life? At what point is my life different – day by day, priorities, choices, actions, etc.?

My words are consistent: “Jesus is risen!” But, my life is inconsistent. Sometimes my life claims, “Jesus is not risen.”

I need help. I need reminders. I need more than an annual reminder. I need encouragement and admonition to live each day as if Jesus was risen and still alive. This is one way that I hope to encourage brothers and sisters when we talk about the resurrection. I guess that’s a good thing about this time of year. We tend to focus on the resurrection, while we’re thinking about bunnies and chocolate. But, what about other times of the year? What about next Monday?

So, when we’re talking about the resurrection, I’m going to ask my brothers and sisters to remind me – daily if necessary – that Jesus is alive. I’m going to ask them to warn me when I’m living as if he’s not alive. I’m going to ask them to show me how to live as if he is risen.

Jesus is risen! But, when I live as if he’s not risen, my words mean little. I thank God that he’s surrounded me with brothers and sisters in Christ who can help me live as if he is risen. Then, not only my words, but my life will say, “Jesus is risen!”


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  1. 4-2-2010


    What are some concrete examples of of how your daily decisions, priorities, and choices would change if you were living like that was true all the time?

    I ask, because I genuinely want to know what that would look like in my life and in the lives of others?

  2. 4-2-2010

    This has dominated my thinking for about 2 weeks now…so glad to read this. I LOVE THIS POST! And Alan…in case you’ve already forgotten;)….JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!!!

  3. 4-2-2010

    The Happy Rock,

    Good question. I don’t think I can answer that question definitively or exhaustively. But, I think my concern for people would change… as well as the motivation for that concern. I think my choices would be focused on others more than myself. I would be less concerned with my own comfort and happiness… and I would be more content with the presence of God (and the risen Christ) alone without needing anything else.

    I’d love to hear other suggestions.


    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts in this area too.

    And… thanks for the reminder.


  4. 4-2-2010

    Alan, for me it has issued in incredible freedom. I sense no need to make things happen but simply to walk with / in Christ and be God-like…as he was / is. He is in me. I am in him. He is God man, and, I guess…so am I. If he is alive…i am with him and he is with me. I don’t have to make things happen I simply have to be who I am…Him.

  5. 4-3-2010


    I think I understand what you’re saying. I know that God is always in/with me in the presence of the Spirit of God/Jesus. Does that mean that I always do or think the way that God desires? I don’t think so. This recognition, though, does not lead me to “do more” or “do better” but to submit. One of the areas that I need to submit is in allowing the resurrection of Jesus Christ to affect the way that I live my life.


  6. 4-5-2010

    Beautiful post. Agonizing. Honest. Transparent. Humbling. And exactly how I feel.

  7. 3-4-2013

    He is ALIVE, He answers prayer, He answered me,
    Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
    Mark 11:24
    pls don’t fall into Satan’s trap!!!

  8. 3-5-2013


    Thank you for the comment, but I think you misunderstood my post. The point is that we often live as if Jesus is not risen, even if we say that we believe he is risen. The last paragraph explains my point:

    “Jesus is risen! But, when I live as if he’s not risen, my words mean little. I thank God that he’s surrounded me with brothers and sisters in Christ who can help me live as if he is risen. Then, not only my words, but my life will say, ‘Jesus is risen!'”