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“Components” of meeting together

Posted by on Apr 21, 2010 in community, edification, gathering | 1 comment

Lionel at “A Better Covenant” wrote an excellent article called “Components of the Gathered Saints?” I left this comment there, and I thought I would put it here as well:

I do think there are “components” (if you will) for gathering together with other believers. I don’t think these “components” are specific activities though. Instead, I think they are things like loving one another, considering others as more important, edifying/encouraging/teaching/admonishing/etc one another, serving one another, etc. While some activities encourage these types of “components”, other activities hinder them. But, it’s not just the activities, but also our attitudes and motives and sometimes even the place we’re meeting that can hinder and/or help these “components”.

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  1. 4-21-2010

    I think this is another way of talking about unchangeable principles vs flexible practices to fulfill them; unchangeable functions vs flexible forms to accomplish them. What a good friend in Wilmington calls the What and Why vs the Where, When, and How.