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A great post on the community aspect of the church

Posted by on Apr 19, 2010 in blog links, community, fellowship | Comments Off on A great post on the community aspect of the church

Jack at “Flight Level Musings” has written a great post called “What is Community?” It’s hard to find just one part to quote, but I’ll start with this paragraph, where Jack talks about Jesus exchanging blood family for God’s family:

Here Jesus broke with the blood family and established God’s family. Since people of that time already understood strong-group family culture, it was not a difficult shift for them to embrace their new family of believers. Now, the blood of Jesus was what tied the family together not their earthly family blood. For those of us in the west, this is not our culture nor is it our lifestyle. We are very independently minded and individual focused; not community focused. So for the most part you do not see much community life in Christianity. We attend our buildings on Sunday mornings and sit in our pews. Then we go back and do whatever we do. There is very little interaction outside of the building.

I hope you read Jack’s post and think seriously about your brothers and sisters in Christ. Are you living as if they are truly your family?