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When everyone is willing to speak

Posted by on Mar 22, 2010 in blog links, edification, gathering | 2 comments

So, if edification occurs most effectively when many people speak to one another, then it seems that we should gather together as churches in settings where everyone will be willing to speak. I think we would all agree that small group settings are best for this. -Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” in his post “On the Willingness to Speak


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  1. 3-22-2010

    I have found this to be true. The Holy Spirit using the body the way in which it was created for.

    We have all watched athletes perform amazing feats. It is only possible when their whole body works in unity.

  2. 3-24-2010

    Our church doesn’t have a “Sunday school” setting, we only have small groups that meet in the homes or the setting that is what brings the small group together. I think this stripping off of our Church settings, is what helps people to strip their Church fronts that they put on to get real and open up. Our work small group which isn’t affiliated with any church is great because we have two pastors that come and as I told them “we can discuss things on the edge that may get me run off from church or them fired.” We don’t always have a position right initially but we are able to discuss it and knock out whether or not it’s scriptural. Pastors don’t have an opporunity to do that with their congregations who expect them to have it right the first time.