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Posted by on Mar 5, 2010 in personal | 1 comment

Today, we’re traveling to Atlanta. Tomorrow, I’m planning to present a paper at the Southeastern Conference on the Study of Religion. The topic of paper is “A Theology of Mutuality.”

I’m hoping to meet some people at the conference, too. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to spend at the conference, but hopefully I’ll have time to spend with a few people there.

I’m also looking forward to spending the weekend with my family.

So, if you think about it, I’d appreciate prayer for our travels and for my presentation on Saturday.

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  1. 3-5-2010

    Wonderful. Yes.

    So glad for your work and that you are making this critical information more and more widely disseminated. This is one of the key things the church has really hurt itself in leaving behind. May our Lord have mercy and open our eyes and our hearts and our mouths.

    Thank you for the blessing you are to us who follow your blog…