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Holding a clipboard directing the servants

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in elders, missional, service | 6 comments

Recently, I saw an TV show that demonstrated the difference in leadership – that is, between the leaders of this world and the leaders in God’s kingdom. (see Matthew 20:25-28, Mark 10:42-45, Luke 22:25-27)

In this show, a lady was coming to a work site to help someone out. As she approached the site, there was a man with a clipboard directing other people as they hurried about doing their work. The lady walked up to the man with the clipboard, asking what she should do.

In this world’s way of looking at things, the man with the clipboard directing the others is the leader.

But, in God’s way of looking at things, the ones who were working the hardest serving others were the leaders.

In the world’s way of looking at things, the woman correctly picked the leader. She asked the leader what to do, and he directed her actions.

In God’s way of looking at things, the woman should have looked for the hardest workers and start following their example, serving as they serve.

In other words, for the church, the leader is not the one holding the clipboard directing the activities of others. Instead, the leaders are the ones working the hardest to serve other people.

Who are we following?


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  1. 3-11-2010

    Why, those with the spiritual gift of “administration” of course….

  2. 3-11-2010


    I must get out of bed too late! Eric preempted my answer. Those who hold the clipboard often simply don’t want to get their hands dirty.

  3. 3-11-2010

    Who are we following?

    Those who have been chosen as elders because they meet the so called elder requirements Paul gave Titus and Timothy.

    Wait, if this was the requirements for a leader than shouldn’t a church of 400 have at least 50 or more elders?

  4. 3-11-2010


    I think you’re right for many, many Christians.

    Aussie John,

    “Getting your hands dirty” just doesn’t seem very spiritual or leader-like.


    I’m sure there are other important “requirements” that Paul inadvertently left out.


  5. 8-29-2012

    But, the clipboard. The clipboard! Gotta follow the guy with the clipboard! I mean, he’s got all the answers…I don’t even have to pray or think for myself! The guy with the clipboard will even fill me in on what God’s will is for my life. Oh, all hail the guy with the clipboard! He tells me how to spend my money and how I should run my household. Yes, yes indeed, how we really need that guy and his clipboard! We can live our spiritual lives vicariously through this great leader. Oh, please, please, please…don’t take away the guy with the clipboard!


  6. 8-30-2012


    You can have the clipboard… 🙂



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