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Sending… who and how?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2010 in discipleship, scripture | 3 comments

Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” (John 20:21 ESV)

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus spoke these words to his disciples after his resurrection.

Here are a few questions: 1) Was Jesus only sending the disciples that heard this statement? 2) Was Jesus sending all disciples? 3) Was Jesus sending the disciples that heard this statement and a subset of all other disciples? 4) In what way(s) are Jesus’ disciples sent the way he was sent?


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  1. 2-5-2010

    1. No, they are our foundation, because if so Phillip and Stephen obviously disobeyed Jesus and so did many others.

    2. Yes, I think this is implied through the rest of scripture. I believe we are in the loins of the original disciples and we are now the fruit of their obedience and I believe they fully expected us to live in a going manner.

    3. Nope. There were no subsets though I do believe there are some gifted in being “sent”; however, not being gifted does not somehow alleviate us of the obligation of being a going people. Because even those gifted in going are limited in other areas and need the support of others.

    4. They are sent to proclaim the kingdom (Jesus who is that kingdom) by: healing the sick, love the marginalized and proclaming the Gospel.

    Those are my thoughts

  2. 2-5-2010


    Thanks for “playing along”. I agree with your answers. But, number 4 is the tricky one since it speaks to where we are (or are not) today.


  3. 2-5-2010

    Yeah it is a bit loaded 8)

    But I have heard it taught that the great commission was given specifically to the disciples (12). I then ask what hermenuetic do you employ to say when Jesus says “love one another” that He was talking to more than the 12. Or how about “forgive one another” ……. How do I know when Jesus is speaking to the disciples or to me as a disciple. I think Matthew 16 would be a good place to speak of specificity there may be some other cases but they would sound much like Matthew 16.