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Looking forward to a Super Bowl Party

Posted by on Feb 2, 2010 in community, discipleship, fellowship | Comments Off on Looking forward to a Super Bowl Party

I understand that we’ve been invited to a Super Bowl Party by some good friends this Sunday night. I’m really looking forward to this party. Actually, I look forward to any party involving our friends and family.

Yes, the Super Bowl will be on the television, and we’ll laugh at some of the commercials.

But, my main purpose in going to the Super Bowl Party has nothing to do with the football game or the commercials. Instead, I’m looking forward to building and deepening with relationships with people who are at the party.

I never know what will be discussed during a party like this… but there are always discipling relationships… both for me to help someone else grow in maturity in Christ and for someone else to help me grow. This is what I’m looking forward to the most!