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Forgoing good things for better things

Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in blog links, discipleship | 3 comments

I was greatly encouraged by a post written by Jason as “Spend and Be Spent.” The post is called “Maybe we should…” Here is the main point of his post:

And that’s when I said it…”maybe we could cancel Sunday night services, and encourage our people to be ‘with’ non-believers at this time intentionally.” And of course, the idea is not to dedicate more time to a one-night a week program, but to engender a lifestyle that loves non-believers enough to build relationships with them and take down barriers for them and be able to share a gospel witness…all the time.

In response, I commented:

Several years ago, I realized that I had filled my time doing good things to such an extent that I never had time for the opportunities that God placed before me (the better things, if you will). I was working full time and attending various church activities almost every night of the week. So, when was I able to spend time with my neighbors? When was I able to serve needy people in my community? When was I able to practice hospitality by inviting people into my home? The answer? I didn’t have the time because my time was filled with good church activities.

Sometimes, it is better to forgo “good things” in order to have time to do the better things.

Don’t fill your life with good activities to such an extent that you don’t have room for the better opportunities that God brings your way.


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  1. 2-23-2010

    If we keep doing what we’ve been doing we will keep getting what we’ve gotten.

    Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    The enemy of great is good enough.

    I believe what you have written and these simple yet profound statements teach have shoved me to make radical changes to me and my families life. It has been very costly…but very rewarding.

    You can’t go with God and stay where you are….

    I say it is time to throw off every weight that is keeping the Kingdom of God from spreading across this nation.

  2. 2-25-2010


    Good thoughts. How do we determine what things are “good enough” and what things are “great”?


  3. 2-25-2010

    Well great things are the best you know of. Good things are those that aren’t as good as the best you know of, but aren’t bad.