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Christian Community in Hollywood?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in blog links, community | 2 comments

I was greatly encouraged, challenged, and convicted by this article about actor Zac Levi in Relevant Magazine. Here’s the start of the article:

Step into the house of Zac Levi on any ordinary day and you’re likely to find more than you expected. Peek into the living room and you’ll see three or four people sitting around tapping away on laptops. In the office, there’s an author writing a script. Walk upstairs and you’ll find an editing facility with a commercial editor hard at work.

“Zac’s home is like a fraternity house,” explains Jeremy Boreing, Levi’s business partner, pastor and close friend. “You can’t walk in without meeting someone you don’t know. Two of the bedrooms are always used by someone who needs a place to stay while they’re struggling financially. Saturdays are open for barbecues and Sundays are for home church.”

I think Zac Levi is one actor (and follower of Jesus) who has learned to be hospitable and live in community.

(HT: Mark)


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  1. 2-5-2010

    interesting story

  2. 2-5-2010

    My job on my set, I believe, is to first just love people and gain that trust with people where they know that I really do love them and care about their well-being, so that when they are running into problems, they will hopefully, at some point, come to me and ask me, ‘What is your peace all about? What is your comfort all about? Where do you get your love? Where do you get your talents?’ And I can turn to them and say without blinking, ‘Jesus Christ’

    Thats pretty good