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We’ve come a long way baby

Posted by on Jan 5, 2010 in church life, community, discipleship, elders, fellowship, gathering | 1 comment

Recently, I was talking with some brothers who are part of Messiah Baptist Church. If you didn’t know, I’m one of the elders (pastors, if you prefer) of this group of believers. We’ve been meeting together for several years now, and our meetings and our interactions today look much different than they did when we first started meeting together.

As we talked about this, I told the guys that it was exciting to see what had happened in the last few years. If someone had asked me then what I would want the church to “look like” today, I probably would have described some things that are happening now, and other things that are not happening now.

But, “back then”, I decided not to push my agenda, even if some wanted me to push – and as tempting as that was. Instead, I taught and modeled and served and let God do the work of changing people. I didn’t want this to be my church.

I told my brothers that I think God has done a better job of growing his church than I would have done growing my church.

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  1. 1-5-2010


    Thank you for the example of serving, modeling and trusting the Lord to lead Messiah Baptist Church, more than just those within your local assembly have benefited by your example.