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Too Much?

Posted by on Jan 8, 2010 in blog links | 7 comments

Guy at “the M blog” as named this site his favorite blog of 2009 in his post “2009 Favorites.” That’s too much, Guy! I’m greatly honored and humbled (yes, at the same time) by your declaration.

Guy says:

Hand’s down, my favorite blog in 2009 was Alan Knox’s The Assembling of the Church. I follow 86 blogs in my Bloglines Feed reader. Out of these, there are some excellent writers, but the one that most consistently comes up with quality and thought-provoking material is Alan’s “Assembling…” If I had a suggestion for Alan, it would be to maybe post only 2-3 entries/week. There is simply too much good stuff to absorb!

So, Guy says my blog is good, but it’s too much. Too many posts…

Interestingly, when I started adding “biblical theology” and “NT Greek” posts last month, I started posting more often.

Would you prefer that I continue posting 2-3 posts per day, or would you prefer 2-3 posts per week?


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  1. 1-8-2010

    I like what you are presently doing – there is always something to encourage me. If you only post a few times during the week – we would miss good stuff. Also I have found that the more I write, the more the Lord gives for me to write. Go for it.

  2. 1-8-2010

    You’ve been posting more than one a day? Oh… yes it looks like I haven’t been keeping up either. 🙂

    I’ll echo Guy as ranking your blog #1… as long as it doesn’t go to your head. You frequently make me think, yet have a positive approach to dialog on our faith.

    Thanks, keep it up, blog as much as you wish. We’ll absorb some of it.

  3. 1-8-2010

    I think 2-3 per week would be a bit easier to keep up with…but that is just me 🙂

  4. 1-9-2010

    I am unwilling to weigh in on the question at hand (as it seems to be a matter of personal discretion between you and the Lord), although I confess I was momentarily tempted to demand one post per month (always posted on the second Tuesday, of course): but I felt convicted not to divide over this issue.

    I think Guy was just ‘musing,’ if you know what I mean …

    … as in ‘making conversation in a pleasant way’ (smile).

    Rebuke self-absorption, Alan!

  5. 1-9-2010

    If you can keep it up, things are just fine as they are. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

  6. 1-9-2010

    I hope that you keep doing as you have been doing. Your blog is also my favorite daily blog. You have a way of putting “feet” on issues of the church. You can dive very deep, as you often do, and that is great, but you always seem to be able to bring it back around to the practical. To me, your post’s are the places that “the rubber meets the road”. Thanks and keep up the devotion to Him, that inspires your many posts. Regards, John Morris.

  7. 1-9-2010

    I think you should continue posts at a rate that is good for you. If you can 2-3 posts a day carry on. That’s not to say that everyone will be able to keep up, but even if you did 2-3 posts a year it’s not always possible that people will keep up.