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Posted by on Jan 13, 2010 in blog links, elders, office | 5 comments

My friend Maël from “The Adventures of Maël and Cindy” has started publishing a paper that he wrote on the topic of ordination. His introduction is in his post called “Ordination – Intro.” I’ve read his paper, and I really enjoyed it. I’m sure it garnered some great discussion when he presented it in a PhD seminar.

I wonder… what do you think about ordination?


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  1. 1-14-2010

    I view “ordination” as simply the formal recognition by a body of an elder or deacon. Laying on of hands or appointing elders in every city. Pomp and circumstance need not be necessary.

  2. 1-14-2010

    True ordination should ONLY come by a call from God. It’s when God says to a person, “YOU, GO” and we do.

    Anything on earth that any institution does or doesn’t do is simply a recognition of the CALL of God and it formalizes the call for others to know.

    Unfortunately it has become a result of education, not anointing.

    There are a lot of Ordained men and women who will be as ordained as they are today but will be in Hell, still ordained.

    True ordination should follow a pattern. The same pattern an Eagle follows to be called as an Eagle. Once it is born, it grows, it learns to fly, to soar and one day people look up and say, there is an Eagle. That is the essence of ordination. No one mistakes a sparrow for an Eagle. They both fly. Both soar. But one is called Eagle. And she will ever be.

  3. 1-18-2010

    If we are using Mael’s description as the definition, “God has called yet another believer to ‘the ministry,'” then I’m all for ordination (for every saint, every day).

    If we are talking about taking away the priesthood of every believer and conferring it to a select few who meet extra-biblical requirements, then, no.

  4. 1-18-2010


    You’re getting ahead of Mael, but going down the same path. 🙂


  5. 1-18-2010

    Yeah, what Art said 😉