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Notes on Koine Greek

Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in blog links, NT Greek | 4 comments

Michael at pisteuomen has done us all (especially those just learning Greek) a great service by posting his “Notes on Koine Greek.” (That is a link to his first “note.” So far, he’s published 41 notes.)

Primarily, Michael follows Dave Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek. When I first took a Greek class, we did not use this book as the textbook. However, it was highly recommended by others, so I purchased it as a supplement. Black’s morphological approach makes so much sense to me that I use his book whenever I teach NT Greek.


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  1. 1-6-2010

    I’m going through Dave Black’s book right now(currently in chapter 3), so I greatly appreciate all the corresponding resources I’ve been coming across! I recently started following your RSS feed, and I’m glad I did!

  2. 1-7-2010


    Great! I’m glad that you found the resources helpful. And, thank you for following my blog.


  3. 1-7-2010

    Thanks, Alan. Glad someone’s finding this stuff helpful / useful. Much more to come (I hope)!

  4. 1-7-2010

    And, for anyone interested, I’ve launched an entire Greek site related to this:

    just forgot to mention it in the last comment