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Churches working together

Posted by on Jan 14, 2010 in blog links | Comments Off on Churches working together

Dave Black tells the story of two different churches working together. One church is based on the “family integrated” model. They do not have age-segregated programs. The other church is a traditional church that does have age-segregated programs. The family integrated church heard that the traditional church needed help, because they did not have enough leaders for their AWANA program. Members of the family integrated church volunteered to help the traditional church.

Yesterday, I read about another interesting and exciting instance of different types of churches working together. Felicity Dale of “simplychurch” wrote about a conference that brings together megachurches and simple churches. Why? As she writes, they are willing to work together in spite of their differences because they don’t care who get’s the credit… mega or simple.

Wow… what a difference churches could make if they were willing to set aside their own differences in order to promote the gospel, care for brothers and sisters, and even serve the lost.

As my readers know, my views on service (ministry) and leadership and other aspects of the church differ from many other believers. However, our differences should never hinder our “partnership in the gospel” if we are brothers and sisters in Christ.