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Two FullThrottle Plugins that I use on this site

Posted by on Dec 18, 2009 in personal | Comments Off on Two FullThrottle Plugins that I use on this site

FullThrottle Development, the web development company that I’m part of, has created several WordPress plugins. I use two of them on this site:

FT-FacePress (WordPress plugin page)
This is a plugin that I developed. It publishes WordPress post information (title, url, excerpt) to a Facebook profile and/or a Facebook page. While there are several plugins that do this, FacePress is different because it allows different WordPress authors on the same site to publish post information to their own Facebook profile. However, it also works for sites that only have one author – like this one.

RF-Twitterpost (WordPress plugin page)
This plugin was written by my good friend Lew. Twitterpost publishes WordPress post information (title, url) to twitter. Like FacePress, Twitterpost allows the author to choose how he or she wants the tweet to look.

If you’ve ever seen information about my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter, the information came from these two WordPress plugins.