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Step thru the Scriptures

Posted by on Dec 23, 2009 in blog links | 3 comments

I’m working on a couple of new blog ventures, and I can tell you about one of them now.

Lionel from “A Better Covenant” is starting a new group blog called “Step thru the Scritpures.” I’m excited about being part of this new blog because Lionel’s plan is to help people read through and discuss the Scriptures together.

To begin with, the blog will parallel a daily Bible reading plan, which, if followed, will lead people to read through the Bible in a year. Each day’s reading will include a passage from the Old Testament and a passage from the New Testament.

Next, each day an author will publish a Bible study / devotion based on some or all of that day’s reading. Some of the articles will be more in depth, while others will be more devotional. All of the articles will give people a chance to read and discuss the Scriptures together.

You can choose to follow our studies at “Step thru the Scriptures” either by subscribing to the RSS feed or by subscribing to receive emails of each article.

I hope all of my readers decide to follow this new site and take part in the discussions there.


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  1. 12-23-2009

    Thanks for the recommendation. At first I was hesitant (I have much reading and thinking to do these days), but when I saw he linked to ESV, complete with audio version, the hesitation slipped away.

    I’ve put it in my RSS reader.

  2. 12-23-2009


    I hope you not only read, but discuss the various Bible studies / devotions. I think this can be a great resource and opportunity for all of us. I’m hoping that alot of people end up being authors also.


  3. 12-27-2009

    I am looking forward to the discussion: I shall make time for it (somehow).