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Online Greek New Testament

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in NT Greek | 6 comments

For those studying Greek, or wanting to learn Greek, there are many, many terrific online resources. For example, try the “Online Greek Bible.” Once you search for a passage, you can then click each Greek word for a short lexicon entry, which also includes parsing information for verbs and case/number/gender for nouns and adjectives.

While this resource will probably not replace a printed Greek New Testament and a good lexicon, it is a great online resource. Plus, you can cut and paste the Greek text.


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  1. 12-17-2009


    Another site is here:

    He also is working on the LXX and Apostolic Fathers.


  2. 12-17-2009

    For a more Web 2.0 experience, check out:

    I don’t know that John Dyer, but I wish I did!


  3. 12-17-2009

    Thanks Alan. What do you use for typing Greek? Right now I use Word and just alt-shift between English and Greek…

  4. 12-17-2009


    Thanks for the link.


    Thanks. I really like the one from John Dyer.


    I use this sometimes:


  5. 12-17-2009


  6. 12-18-2009

    Some other useful links: for comparing Grk manuscripts (UBS, Byzantine, Tischendorf, Westcott & Hort, also church fathers) and some pretty handy searching. for being a handy website with all sorts of useful stuff for translating Grk. It’s very “web 2.0″y and highly interactive. for being an excellent reference of every possible rhetorical device that could be used.