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Mutual Sanctification? Yep.

Posted by on Dec 1, 2009 in blog links, community, discipleship | 4 comments

This gem is from Andy (“aBowden Blog“) in his post “Sanctification continued“:

Sanctification is not a solo deal. God intended it to occur in the midst of community. The assembly of believers is to be a place of mutual sanctification. “If anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual are to restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness” (Gal 6:1). Unfortunately, many churches lack the kind of depth necessary for this type of relationship. This takes more than just a Sunday morning meet and greet. But when beleivers are really serious about being conformed to the image of Christ, correction and confrontation will lovingly be given and received.

Unfortunately, many Christians in American churches don’t have more than “Sunday morning meet and greet.” (Adding Sunday evening and Wednesday evening is little help in the relationships department.) So… what does that say about sanctification?


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  1. 12-1-2009


    This is back to all the church is to do is to be corporate. Hermeneutics, Sanctification, Worship, maybe even prayer (how much better is it for a group of believers to knock on heaven’s door corporately). “Older men teach the younger men”, “Older women teach the younger women”, “children obey your parents” (written to children not parents), even church discipline.

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  3. 12-1-2009

    Lionel and Aussie John,

    I agree. And I’m only just now learning what discipleship is. I’ve been educated about many things, but I don’t think I’ve been discipled much.


  4. 12-2-2009

    it’s funny because a lot of times the church will all be gathered in fellowship before the program begins and it is broken up by the program. It kind of makes you wonder which is more beneficial: the program or the fellowship.


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